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“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”  That’s what my granny always says.  Literally, how many people, when buying eggs at the supermarket, make sure their eggs are in different bags in case they get dropped?  I don’t.  (I give them to my boyfriend to carry.  That way if we end up with pavement scrambled egg, it’s his fault.)

Not putting all my eggs in one basket is why I’m on WordPress at all.  I also blog on Livejournal, but that platform has been suffering increasingly from DDOS attacks and periods of inaccessibility, and I needed a reliable blogging platform.

It’s a proverb that small press authors should heed.  If you’re prolific, it makes sense to spread your work around.  Try as many different publishers as you can for different books.  Small independent presses are fragile entities.  You don’t want all your books with the same one, because if it’s unlucky enough to go belly-up, you’ve lost everything, and it can be difficult to get your rights back.  Especially if the publishers you’re with go bankrupt.  That can mean your rights are passed on to the companies creditors, and it can be a legal nightmare to get them back.

Sadly, my first publisher, a small press, has just folded due to two women instrumental in running the company passing away within a short space of time (RIP to Margaret Carr and Joan McNulty Pluver).  If Epress had been my only source of income, I would be in real trouble now.  A friend of mine who regularly sent me work was in a serious car accident 18 months ago and had to take time off.  Thankfully she has fully recovered now, but it goes to prove how unstable a freelancers income is, and how relying on just once source can be dangerous.

The PIAS Sony Distribution warehouse in Enfield, Middlesex was burned down by rioters two nights ago, taking with it the entire stocks of a number of independent record labels and film studios (more details here :


So if you are a small press author or freelancer, distribute your eggs as widely as you can.  That way if a few drop, you’ll always have some to fall back on.