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The final curtain has fallen.  Epress Online is no more, in the saddest of circumstances.  Even the site has gone now, leaving just a memorial page to the late Margaret Carr.  I have signed my author release form and all the rights to my first three books have now reverted to me.

In Exile CoverI’m hoping I can find someone else willing to take them on.  In the meantime, I have very limited stocks of New Kingdom Trilogy paperbacks in a box in my hallway.  These will be the last copies ever printed, at least in this form.  Although the books are still listed on Lulu, for now, I don’t know how long that will remain the case.

Limited stocks, going fast!  All signed by my rather scruffy hand, lovingly packed into Graze boxes, which are the perfect size to post them in.  If you want to buy one, they are £10 each including postage, or £25 for the trilogy (in both cases add £5 for postage outside the UK).  I have nine of each, and when they’re gone, they’re gone.

Get in quick for what is sure not to be a collectors item in years to come.

Because nothing beats words on paper, except maybe words on paper with a side order of Dairy Milk…