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Yesterday was my future sister-in-law’s birthday, so we went to her mum’s house for an indoor barbecue (yes, inevitably it was raining) and then down to Nelson Street to take a wander round See No Evil. See No Evil is taking Nelson Street, a rather grotty area of town which used to rejoice in the name of Gropecunt Lane (speaks volumes, that) and making it look amazing.

The area around Nelson Street was, in the 60’s, the hub of a glorious vision for the town planners, who wanted to move all the pedestrians above the level of traffic. They wanted elevated walkways, Venetian-style squares, cafe culture in the sky. Unfortunately they ran out of money, and what Bristol was left with was this :

The pedestrian footbridge over Nelson Street

Stairs that lead nowhere, pedestrian walkways no one uses, abandoned squares between the office blocks. It’s a weird, depressing place, hemmed in by sixties concrete. Or at least, it was until this week, when See No Evil moved in.  This is what seventy-two of the worlds leading graffiti artists can do with a willing council and a few dreary walls.

It looks awesome now. Everywhere you turn there’s art. There were two sound systems, they astroturfed the street and put out deck chairs and pot plants. Even the bus stops were decorated!

I’m hoping to go down there when it’s less to get a few pictures, and I recommend stopping by if you’re in Bristol, as See No Evil is due to run for at least a year. Come and have a look, it’s phenomenal.