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I had a post all worked out.  It was going to be about shy writers, and how hard it sometimes is to make the leap between sitting at a desk talking to your invisible friends, and actually going out into the community talking to real human beings, especially if you’re the introverted type.  In a way, I think what I’m about to write relates to that.  I’m not sure.  Bear with me…

We said goodbye to our friend Colin yesterday.  Colin was someone who found it easy to make that leap.  I first met him when he bounded up to me at Microcon, wrung my hand and said “I’m Colin from Bristol.  I hear you’re from Bristol too!”

Luckily, being the introverted type, I didn’t run away and hide behind the vending machines.  I spent some time with Colin and he was affable and friendly and wanted to Meet People (those real human beings we talked about).  And he wanted People to Meet People.

Yesterday those people came together to say goodbye to him.  It’s likely none of us would have known each other without Colin, but, as Gareth said, sharing the experience of having known him and lost him together, as a community, made it easier to cope.  The SF community is stronger for having had Colin in it, and we will support each other while we get over his loss and remember the good times we had together.