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October is always a busy month, it seems. The convention season is winding down, and Christmas is coming up.  And the hard-working writer must venture out from behind her desk once more…

I have two events and a publication coming up in the next month, which I’m very much looking forward to.  On October 20th I will be appearing on a “Write Spectacular!” panel at Bristol Literary Festival with Gareth L Powell and Juliet McKenna, with Cheryl Morgan keeping us all in line.  We will be talking about writing Fantasy and SF at St Marks in Easton – tickets are £5 and are available from :


The whole Lit Fest programme has something for everyone, and the website is worth an extensive browse.

The day after, Gareth and Juliet are taking part in a multi-author signing at Forbidden Planet in Bristol, and I’m filling cars with boxes and yelling at people, because it’s the day before BristolCon.  If anyone wants to bring stress-relieving chocolate to St Marks it would be very welcome.

Saturday October 22nd (which is a date that’s BRANDED into my brain) is BristolCon itself.  In addition to running around like a loon, I will be doing a couple of panels and a reading.


First panel of the day is about unleashing the inner novel (not a problem, I could use a panel on making the inner novel shut up when I’m meant to be doing other things!) with Justina Robson, M D Lachlan, Gareth L Powell (again!), Alex Keller and Dolly Garland.

Then at noon I’m on a panel about cover art with Paul Cornell, Jim Burns, Jaine Fenn, Dolly Garland again, and Steve Upham. As two of these people are bona fide very talented artists and I can’t draw stick people, I hope I don’t get shown up too much!

In the afternoon I’m on a panel about finding time to write when there are so many fun distractions around – possibly providing a fine example of how NOT to do it – with Wayne Simmons, Paul Cornell, Stephanie Burgis, Jaine Fenn, and Anne Lyle.

Fantastic cover for Transtories by Daniele Scerra

And at 5.50 I’m doing a ten minute reading from “The Feline Queen.”  Mulling over what I want to read from it, because I’ll have to practise to get over my nerves! After that you will very likely find me in the bar…

Also at BristolCon, Aeon Press will be launching their “Transtories” anthology, edited by the much-missed Colin Harvey, so I will be scrawling my scruffy signature in a few copies of that, and possibly reading from it too. Hoping that contributors including Rob Rowntree and Sharon Reamer will also be reading and/or signing.  Launches are always fun, although this one will be tinged with sadness that Colin never got to see it.

After that, I have a Day Off pencilled in for around November time…