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Sorry, I’m a lazy blogger.

I’m not a lazy blogger, but with BristolCon only a week away, and in the throes of a major (and I mean EPIC) re-edit of Hierath – The Directors Cut, blogging has fallen by the wayside a little. I’m a writer who blogs, not a blogger who writes, and writing has to come first. Which it has been, for the last couple of weeks. Normal service will be resumed after BristolCon, and after a prolonged snooze…

In the meantime, you might want to know about Unputdownable, the first Bristol Literary Festival, which features the likes of GP Taylor, Jasper Fforde, and, well, me, talking about books and writing and all the things that make us happy.  Jasper Fforde is at Hamilton House on Tuesday (going to that!) and Gareth L Powell, Juliet McKenna and I, sternly moderated by Cheryl Morgan, will be doing a panel at St Marks Church in Easton on Speculative Fiction, which is something I’m really looking forward to.

I’ve copy/pasted the details from the email below, so if you want to come along you can book a seat. It’s only a fiver for what should be an interesting and entertaining evening.

Hope to see you there!

Of course after that it’s BristolCon, which is a whole different post 😉



Next Thursday 20th, 6 – 7pm & 7.30 – 9.00pm, St      Mark’s Road Baptist Church, Easton. with Jamaican cafe.
Write Spectacular! and The National Academy of Writing.
Calling all writers, pro and aspiring, this is your ‘conference’  event. From 6 – 7pm we are focussing on Fantasy and Sci-Fi writing practice with Juliet McKenna (Write Fantastic) and Gareth L Powell (The Recollection) with Joanne Hall (Hierath)  and Cheryl Morgan (Four Hugo Awards!). From 7.30 onwards    we join the National Academy of Writing with its director Richard  Beard (Lazarus is Dead) and novelist Pete Salmon    (The Coffee Story) to dig into the question of how to be a    better writer, what lifestyle and career issues it raises and how to    craft our work accordingly. Two pieces of pre-submitted writing will  be looked at as examples – given an encouraging treatment, with  recommendations for taking them further. Submit these NOW to   contact@unputdownable.org and they will be forwarded to Richard  Beard in advance.
Tickets £5 each event. Book online, by phone or on the door (if on    the door, please reserve places by emailing us on:    boxoffice@unputdownable.org – to help our stress levels!) Car parking around St Mark’s Road. (I live here, I love it!)