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The Bristol Gallery ( http://www.thebristolgallery.com/ ) , up until October 23rd, is showing an exhibition called “Visions of Heaven”, which is a display of the pioneering deep-space photography of David Malin, the man who brought colour to the universe by inventing the process that now bears his name.

The Trifid Nebula (David Malin)

These are astonishing pictures, taken through the Australian observatory telescope. The images here really don’t do them justice, this is something you have to see for yourself. It’s also the first time the actual Malinisation process has been put on display outside of Australia, so it’s really a one-off opportunity.

The Galaxy M83 (David Malin)

Entry to the Bristol Gallery (just off Millennium Square, opposite Hooters – of all places!) is free, and the exhibition runs until Sunday. Highly recommended if you’re interested in photography, astronomy, or awe-inspiring pictures.

The Cone Nebula (David Malin)

All pictures on this blog (c) David Malin.