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There was some discussion of “Art of Forgetting” on Facebook. A friend of mine who has just devoured the New Kingdom Trilogy wanted to know if Rhodri, my pesky loose thread, had a book of his own. Another friend replied with this : –

“Titled “Rhodri goes to hell and gets tortured a lot” – book one of twenty-four.”

Which is not a million miles removed from the truth, and he hasn’t even read it 😀


Today would have been my good friend Colin’s 51st birthday. I wish he could have been around for the completion of Book One of Twenty-Four. He will be Ghost of Honour at next years BristolCon, an honour he would have found hilarious.


Blogging will be scarce for the next week or so, because I have sixty-five pages of the new edit of Hierath to, well, edit, and I want to get it done before the new Zelda game comes out, so I can play it with a clear conscience.  It’s these little rewards that keep the stay-at-home writer going.  That, and copious amounts of tea.  When it’s done, I’ll talk about the process here, because it’s been an interesting experience.  But for now, time to put the kettle on again…