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The Recollection author Gareth L Powell has a free short story, “The Bigger the Star The Faster it Burns” to download as a PDF from his website.  Gareth is an excellent writer, and his short stories are always entertaining, so why not hop over there and grab yourself a copy?



I’ve been immersed in non-fiction for a couple of days, writing an article about the late, great David Gemmell for Fantasy Faction.  My writing has been compared to Gemmell’s in the past, something I’m very flattered by, but thinking about his work in an academic way has caused me to ponder my own writing.   I hope I give my female characters a slightly better time than he does!

I’ll link to the article when it goes up, but the whole FF website is well worth a look for both fans and writers of all kinds of fantasy.  They have reviews of both contemporary and back-catalogue fantasy novels, interesting articles (Amy Rose Davis writing on “Relationships in Fantasy Fiction” has been especially fascinating), as well as a lively forum.


I wish I could spend more time on there, but I spend more time chatting than I do writing!