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Having just written a big fat fantasy epic (TM) that had a hero struggling with the blessing / curse of an infallible memory, I was stunned when this link to an article on geek girl site The Mary Sue popped up on my Twitter feed this afternoon.


The article appeared under the headline “Superpower or Curse? The woman who remembers everything”, and tells the story of Jill Price, who can remember everything that’s happened to her in perfect detail since she was twelve years old.

I’m fascinated by this.  When I first had the notion that a childhood head injury could result in Rhodri being unable to forget, I did a little research, but my basic conclusion was that the human brain is so complex, and so little understood, that almost anything could be the result.  For the purposes of creating future trauma for the poor boy, an obliteration of previous memories, combined with perfect recall from that moment on, suited my plot.  But it’s remarkable to come across someone who has actually gone through this, and intriguing that, much as Rhodri does, she regards it as a curse as well as a blessing.

I wish I’d found out about Jill Price earlier.  But the fact that she has this extraordinary ability that she shares with my Rhodri is fascinating.  I wonder if there are many more like her out there….