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Happy New Year to all of you.  I hope your heads aren’t too muzzy this morning, and the fireworks didn’t keep you awake.

It’s the first day of a new year, and I expect a lot of people will be making resolutions.  I don’t do resolutions, because, like the road to hell, they’re paved with good intentions that tend to fizzle out by January fourteenth, leaving me frustrated and reaching for the biscuit barrel.  So none of that “I’m going to exercise more” nonsense!

Instead of resolutions, I’m going to have goals.  Ambitions, if you like.

1.  To find either an agent, or a publisher for Art of Forgetting.  I would like to have a contract for that baby by the end of the year.  Which means the search needs to renew as soon as people start going back to work after the holidays.  I think I’ve cracked the query letter now, and I still have a long list of places I haven’t tried.

2.  To finish Spark and Carousel.  This isn’t going too badly, I estimate I’m approaching the halfway point.  If I can get a workable first draft by Midsummer, I should be able to get it edited and presentable by next Christmas.  Art of Forgetting took thirteen months from beginning to final edits.  Of course, this does mean applying nose quite firmly to grindstone….

3.  To write more short stories – I don’t do a lot.  I’d like to do more.  And, as an addition to that, to do something with the completed short stories I already have.  I have four or five quite decent shorts lying around that could, and should, be submitted somewhere.

So, writing more, finishing more, submitting more.  More of the same, but more of it!

In twelve months time we’ll see how much of this has come to pass.  Nothing will happen unless I work for it.  Let’s go to work…