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Well, it’s taken a while, a change of ISP, some rummaging in cupboards and a whole lot of swearing, but I can announce that I’m now officially Back Online at our new house (which is actually new, as opposed to the last two places, which were decidedly Victorian).  Being new has its problems, such as not appearing on Google Maps, living in an area that officially doesn’t exist yet, and being invisible to most telephone service providers.  But we are most definitely here.

Where we are is the first block built in the first phase of a brand new development just outside Bristol.  There used to be a village here, before the war, but it was demolished to expand the airfield to accommodate the runway for the Brabazon airliner to take off.  Now Bovis in their wisdom have decided that Bristol needs more houses and a bit less airfield, so the plan is to recreate the village, only larger and more modern (and I suspect a little less picturesque), though I can’t find any pictures except one of the airfield :

The Lost Villages of Bristol

From out the back you can see all the way down to the Royal Mail depot at Filton (when it’s not foggy), and from the front we can see diggers.  Out front. until very recently was a dual carriageway that led to the Mall.  Out front, in the near future, will be a “linear park” (what it says on the tin, a long, straight park) and bus lane.  Out front right now is a building site.

Still, it’ll be nice when it’s finished.  And we’re here, which is the main thing, because it means I can work without the prospect of having to move for the first time since last August.  And “Spark and Carousel” has reached 90k and is drawing to a somewhat wobbly conclusion, so if they don’t hurry up and build the park I might be sat here twiddling my thumbs before too long.  Looking forward to a summer of editing!