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This has been bobbing about on the internet for a while now, but this morning it was posted on the Angry Robot site ( http://angryrobotbooks.com/ ) so I thought I’d link to it here too.

It’s a short film, only about five minutes, directed by Sam Lemburg, and based on a short story written by our friend Colin Harvey, who passed away following a stroke last August ( https://hierath.wordpress.com/2011/08/16/colin-harvey-1960-2011/ )  It’s a great little film, that looks as if it was made for a far bigger budget, and I’m sure Colin would have been chuffed to bits with it.

For a brief Q and A with Sam Lemberg, head over to the Angry Robot site.  He expresses a desire to make more films in the “Chameleon” world, so lets hope he does, and that his work, and Colin’s, reaches a wide audience.

We are hoping to show “Chameleon” as part of our tribute to Colin, who is Ghost of Honour at this years Bristolcon ( http://www.bristolcon.org/ ).  On the BristolCon site you can hear more from Sam and see production stills from the video.

I still miss Colin every day, and I’d love to know what he thought of the film, but I think he would have been pleased.