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Following the death of Anne McCaffrey last year, the Journal of the British Fantasy Society Journal asked for its members thoughts and memories of her (BFS Journal, Spring 2012).  So many of them begin “I was twelve…”  “I was thirteen…” “I was in my early teens…”

I was twelve.  The Dragons of Pern were a gateway drug to the disreputable SFnal life I live now.

Over on his blog, Bob Neilson has reprinted an interview Albedo One did with Anne McCaffrey back in 1996, in which she talks about her early writing experiences, her highlights (winning a Hugo, breaking into the New York Times bestseller list with “The White Dragon”) and give short shrift to Big Hollywood and their repeated – failed – attempts to film Dragonflight.  I remember reading in SFX a few years ago that the last TV series fell apart because the director quit because, as he said, the studio wanted “Aw gee whizz, dragons are neat!”, and he felt it would be wildly inappropriate for Pern (Thank God.)

The interview is here :