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Today I’m handing the reins of the blog over to fantasy author and self-published sensation Ben Galley, who may be in line for the title of Hardest-Working Man in Fantasy.  He took a break from his relentless schedule of writing, touring, dragon-hunting and bacon-eating to guest post for “Making Things Up For A Living” about a new and exciting promo opportunity.  Over to you, Ben!


Or as most of you will be no doubt saying, the what button? The Want button, Facebook’s latest ploy to let people share their everything will be hitting the web very soon, and I want to know how it affects me, as an author.

The Want button is exactly like its cousin – the Like button. The Like button, so prevalent across the web, allows Facebook users to, surprise surprise, like certain things they stumble across on the web. It shares the Like on the page of the user, therefore doing a chunk of word-of-mouth marketing.

The Want button will be exactly the same, only it will express the user’s desire to own, or future intention to buy. Facebook says that this will be tied to a ‘Wish List’ tab on your Facebook page, showing your friends what you’ve got your eye on.

That’s powerful marketing, and Facebook seemed to have played their ace in the hole.

Thanks to the advent of Social Media, people are now sharing machines. We’re obsessed with feelings, hates, and likes. The Like button is expression of appreciation. The Want button, on the other hand, expresses desire. That’s a powerful emotion, and it’s one that people will want to express in their droves. Social media, as a concept, drills deep into the human desires to share, connect, boast, complain, compliment, and help. Now desire has been added to the mix. Keying into that concept is key to effective marketing.

So what does this mean for authors?

First of all, the Want button will be available as code that you can slot into your website. This will enable people to signify their desire for your books, just as the Like button signifies appreciation. Your products and books will appear in the person’s timeline and therefore be available for everyone to see, browse, and in turn post on their walls.

It will also place your product in the Wish List on the person’s Facebook page. Right there and then you have instant and crowd-marketing power. Other people will be effectively spreading your products and images of them for free. We all know that word-of-mouth is one of the strongest weapons in our marketing arsenal. By using your fans to show purchasing intent to their friends, that weapon is upgraded. That’s powerful stuff!

Lastly, there’s a rumour that the Want button will be linked to stores where the specific product or book will be available. This increases the ease of sale for you and your readers. I read a statistic the other day that the digital age is increasing impatience. If a website takes more than 5 seconds to load, that’s it. Time’s up. Away they go. By having a recognised link straight to a sales platform, people will be more likely to click on it. Bliss.

Not only that, there are rumours on TechCrunch that there will be shipping suggestions built into the App, just like Amazon offers books suggestions. This can only further the profile of your books, and for the advertising-savvy amongst us, the data the want button will allow Facebook to collect on its users will facilitate much more accuracy and relevant ads, therefore making ads even more powerful than before. It may be time to invest some time in Facebook adverts.

Therefore I advise all of you – keep you eyes peeled on the blogosphere and the geekosphere for the Want button’s imminent press release. Facebook have yet to say when they will be releasing this magical button, so keep a look out, and get ready to post it on your websites!

Happy marketing.


At 24, Ben Galley is a young author from sunny England, and a writer of fantasy and tall tales. Author of the epic and dark Emaneska Series, he has two books to his name, and there is soon to be a third. He’s passionate about sharing his knowledge and know-how with other hopeful authors, and is keen to help them turn their passion into their profession. Ben regularly tours the country signing books, pestering bookshops, and searching for dragons. He is a regular speaker, and blogger on everything fantasy and Self-Publishing, and has just launched a Self-Publishing, Writing, and Marketing site called SHELF HELP. You can also find him lurking on several social media sites. It’s wise not to encourage him.
Twitter: @BenGalley