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Oot and aboot in the next couple of months, venturing forth with me knapsack and a bundle of BristolCon flyers clutched in me sweaty fist…

On August 17th I will be going to this :

There will be signings and Q and A’s, and someone might have mentioned a pub….

If that sounds like it might appeal the details are all here :


Then at the end of September I’m off to FantasyCon (Brighton, 27th-30th September.)  I’m on the “Your First Con” panel at 4pm on the Friday (I assume this is about conventions, so I don’t have to talk about the time I swindled Mrs Miggins down the road out of her life savings…..)  I’ve done panels before, but this is my first time on a panel at a big convention, and I have no idea who I’m on it with, so wish me luck!

FantasyCon info can be found here : http://fantasycon2012.org/

See you out and about!