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This week I have mostly been reading through and editing stories for Colinthology.  While it’s fun reading other people’s work, it also takes a lot of concentration to edit stories I’m unfamiliar with, and as a result I’ve left The Summer Goddess to her own devices for a week.

It’s always hard picking up a manuscript after an extended break.  I did ask her if she could just carry on and write herself, but for some reason she hasn’t obliged…  This is why I tell other people to write every day, even if it’s only a little bit.  I’m bad at taking my own advice!

Luckily, after a slightly stuttering start, I seem to have found the rhythm again fairly quickly, perhaps because I left it on the verge of a punch up.  Some smart person once suggested, if you weren’t sure what to write next, have someone hit someone!

I’ve also been distracted by the Olympics.  I’m the world’s least sporty person, but I do like watching people running / jumping / riding horses / falling over.  We applied for tickets for the BMX; sadly we were unsuccessful, but I’ve been watching it in awe (and occasionally in horror through my fingers), wondering that any of them have any teeth left.

Mo Farrah runs 120 miles a week, every week.  That’s gold standard, and that’s what you have to do to be successful in distance running.  You can’t slack off.  Writing novels is the distance running of fiction writing, like flash fiction is the 100m sprint.  Different disciplines require different kinds of training.  If you’re writing a novel, you have to write every day or your writing muscles will seize up and be stiff when you come back to it. Easier to keep them going if you keep them oiled, toned and fit! (and yes, tea works well as a writing muscle lubricant.  Vodka…not so much…)

The Olympics ends tomorrow, and it’s left me pumped up and proud and excited and more determined than ever to take up bmx finish more books and get them published. To be the best that I can be. That’s what I’m aiming for. That’s my gold medal. Second best isn’t good enough in this race.