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I have reached Chapter Seven of “The Summer Goddess” and now I find myself staring at the Wall.  On the far side of the Wall are ghosts and demons and daring escapes and thwarted desire.  On this side of the wall is a boggy swamp that may only be enlivened by someone punching someone else out.

Sometimes I run smack-bang into the wall, but this time I can see it.  Hoping a write-in session with my friend Dolly (of Kaizen Journalling) will help.  I intend to break it down with a hefty combination of violence, hot beverages, and Extreme Procrastination.  Bring on the tea!

I’ll let you know how I get on.

In other completely unrelated news, friend of the Blog Fran Jacobs has a giveaway of her excellent dark fantasy novel, “The Shadow Seer” running on Goodreads until September 22nd.  Follow the link for a chance to win a copy!


Good luck!