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Just a quick drop-in to let you know that as part of Anarchy Books September promotion, “The Last Reef” by Gareth L Powell is FREE on Kindle from amazon.co.uk for a limited time only (and I’m not sure how limited this limited time is, so get your skates on!)


The blurb says :

Gareth L Powell’s first collection of short stories is stuffed with mind-bending ideas and unforgettable characters.  Ranging from the day after tomorrow to the far-flung future, these fifteen stories are perfect for anyone with a craving for intelligent and thought-provoking adventure.

From noir-ish cops to disaffected space pilots, blind photographers and low-life hackers, everyone here is struggling to find a little peace amid the tumult of the future.

The book includes Interzone reader favourite “Ack-Ack Macaque”, “Arches” (a precursor to “The Recollection”, and “The Long Walk Aft”, which is very creepy and is probably my favourite story in the collection.

So if you have a Kindle and you like SF, give yourself a treat and pick up “The Last Reef” now for NOUGHT pence, and use the money you save to buy “The Recollection”, if you like it.