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BristolCon week has landed with a thump and a splutter of snot and general lurgifiedness – please send tea and sympathy, or at least cake….

I will be up and about quite disgustingly early on Tuesday 16th to appear on Bristol Community Radio breakfast show talking about BristolCon.  I’m not sure how coherent I will be at seven in the morning, but I will aim to at least be awake.  And I get to choose an appropriate song, which I’ve already picked out, so you’ll have to listen and hear my selection.  I think the shows are available for download a couple of days later, so I’ll let you know when you can hear the broadcast if you’re not awake at that time of the morning.  Hopefully my lurgy will have cleared up by then!


Then next Saturday, October 20th, is BristolCon.  I will be scurrying about for most of the day, but I’m on two panels in the afternoon, “Women in Sensible Armour” with Philip Reeve, Foz Meadows, Danie Ware and Jonathan L Howard; and “Nano or Nono – Tackling Writing Challenges” with Ben Jeapes, Dolly Garland, Leigh Kennedy and Jonathan L Howard (again 🙂 )  I’m also on the Ghost of Honour panel reading an extract from “The Silk Palace” by Colin Harvey and launching Colinthology.  And my books will be available to buy and get signed from the Committee Table in the foyer, if you have a fiver burning a hole in your pocket….  Should be a really fun event, we have over 200 people signed up and BristolCon is always enjoyable.  Hope to see you there!