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I was up at 5.15 this morning to travel across the city to Bristol Community FM to try and be coherent and semi-interesting on the One Love Breakfast Show – not easy on only half a cup of tea and a bowl of corn flakes…

I was there to talk about BristolCon,and I also took in a copy of Damage Time (and a Feline Queen) to give away to listeners, so I got to talk about Colin as well.  Hopefully I said all the right things and made it sound like a good day out!

You can listen to the podcast here :

http://bcfm.org.uk/2012/10/16/07/the-one-love-breakfast-14/22864 (the top link, from 7am)

Pat starts talking about BristolCon about ten minutes in, and I’m on just after the Lighthouse Family.  I got to pick a song too, but you have to listen to find out what it was….

Then after lunch with Heather and her mum (thank you!) and a quick whizz around B&Q and Morrisons (because it’s not all Hollywood round here), it was back to BCFM to appear on Clive Somerville’s Review Show, which was a slightly less boisterous affair than the breakfast show.  I got to talk about BristolCon again, but also about Joseph Campbell and Blade Runner, and listen to a lot of ELO (sorry, still not a fan!)

I’m on this one from the beginning, but I hung around for the whole hour and had a great time – thanks to Clive for inviting me! My headphones were crackling a bit so I might sound a bit distracted…


And then this morning I discovered that BristolCon (and a very old picture of me) were on the front cover of the Metro “What’s On” supplement this morning – at this rate I will be taking up Scientology and refusing to get out of bed for less than five grand….