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It’s taking me a couple of days to get to this in the post-BristolCon catching-up haze, but Colinthology was released on Saturday and launched at BristolCon during the “Ghost of Honour” panel, with a speech by Roz Clarke and fine readings from Nick Walters and John Hawkes-Reed.

You can buy the anthology from Wizards Tower at this link :


All money raised from sales of the book will go to Above and Beyond, the hospital charity that Colin was working for when he died.


We are hoping to release a paper version of the anthology in the future if enough people want one!

I’m so happy and proud to be involved in this. Roz first suggested we do an anthology in the car on the way home from Colin’s funeral, when we were all still too reeling and numb to do anything coherent.  And it’s been her vision and persistence that have been a massive motivator in the whole project – thank you, Roz!  And thank you to everybody who contributed stories, artwork and time to bring it about.

Now get out there and buy it!

Table of Contents

  • Biz Be Biz – Gareth L Powell and Paul Graham Raven
  • The Man Down the Road – Nick Walters
  • A Tale from the Shakespeare Tavern – Ian Millsted
  • Professor Cornelius J Montague’s Spectacular Spirit Safari – Scott Lewis
  • An American Were-Hypnotist in Bristol – Andy Bigwood
  • Bigger Than Jesus – Bob Neilson
  • Newfangled – K G Jewell
  • They’re Watching you – Andy Gibb
  • Looking for a Knight in Shining Armour – Sylvia Spruck Wrigley
  • The Spell Misspelled – Stephanie Burgis
  • There in the Detail – Tony Ballantyne
  • A Better-Bred (TM) Woman Makes Good Her Escape – Sharon K Reamer
  • Made Things – Roz Clarke
  • Store of the Gods – Steve Westcott
  • Lukewarm in Lynhelm – Joanne Hall
  • Not So Dark Horizons – Raven Dane
  • Buzz Nausea, King of the Aircraft Men – John Hawkes-Reed
  • A Buffalito of Mars – Lawrence M Schoen
  • Natural Selection – Joshua Peterson
  • John and Lee Down by The G’Star – Rob Rowntree
  • The Big Reveal – Jonathan L Howard