Geoff Nelder shares his detailed thoughts on the “Women in Sensible Armour” panel at BristolCon, which I was on. I’d just like to say that I have no objection to fleshy torsos in their right place 😉 But their right place is not, for example, leading a cavalry charge….


A panel at BristolCon on October 20th 2012 considered this topic. It was introduced in the programme with, “Like the Girl in the Negligee, framed in a gun-sight in 50s detective novels, the inhumanly developed woman in Not Enough Armour has been an icon for SF. … after 100 years of female emancipation is it time to move on and dress these women in sensible armour?” The panel was moderated capably by Philip Reeve, who directed questions to Jonathan Howard, Danie Ware, Joanne Hall (taking time out from excellently organizing the con with the brilliant Andy Bigwood – artist of my ARIA ) and Foz Meadows. Using seriousness of the issue of women soldiers getting hurt when only wearing chain mail bikinis, and much humour, the topic focussed mainly on of-course-women-should-wear-sensible-armour. We have to be sensible don’t we? Although we don’t have to suck up quite as much as…

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