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I’m predicting – but not promising – a quiet month on the blog.  That’s because it’s November, and I’ve bravely or foolishly (depending on your opinion) signed up for NaNoWriMo, which means writing 1667 words on “The Summer Goddess” every day before I’m even allowed to consider THINKING about blogging.  So it might go a bit quiet.  Then again, I might come here to procrastinate / despair / show off, depending on how it’s going.

I’m under no delusion that I’m going to reach December with a finished novel, but I hope I’m going to reach it further along than I would have been without this push.

And for those saying “but the NaNo rules say you have to start something new!”, well, I prefer to look at them as guidelines…

I’ve also written an article for Fantasy Faction about NaNo, which can be found here :


where I talk about the history of Nano and what it can give to writers who, like me, might need a bit of a kicking every now and again.

Wish me luck, I’ll drop in and keep you informed!  Right now my word count stands at 2075, so I feel like I’m allowed to pop in and say hello before it all spirals rapidly down the plughole….

Now I’m off to look for pictures of mythological sacrifice sites, and to have another cup of tea.