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Research takes me to some interesting places, and leads me to meet some amazing people.

This is Jigger.

Jigger on the Osprey – photo (c) Elsie Hulsizer

Jigger is a rescue cat who lives with Elsie and Steve Hulsizer and sails with them on their yacht Osprey, voyaging around the beautiful Alaskan coast.  Elsie is the author of “Glaciers, Beats and Totems : Sailing in Search of the Real Southeast Alaska”, and “Voyages to Windward : Sailing Adventures on Vancouver Island’s West Coast.”  Elsie and Steve’s inspirational blog can be found here :


I contacted Elsie by chance.  I was browsing though Google images for pictures of a black cat on a boat, and that’s where I first saw Jigger.  Jigger looks quite a lot like Marcio, the scene-stealing cat who has turned up in “The Summer Goddess” as ship’s cat on the Aguia :

There came a stir of movement in the mouth of the hatch, and a head emerged.  A small head, bewhiskered and flat nosed, followed by a plump body.  The fluffy black cat limped across the deck, giving Asta an inquisitive glance before deciding that she wasn’t worth bothering with.  Ranmiro broke into a grin as he set the small bowl down by his feet.  “Decided to come out and say hello, did you, my boy?”

He ruffled the cat between his grey-tipped ears.  “This is Marcio,” he said.  “He crept on board when he was a kitten.  His legs are a bit stiff now, but his appetite only gets bigger!”  He gave the cat a prod, and he obligingly rolled over on his back to allow the Inyestan to ruffle his well-fed stomach, purring contentedly.  Ranmiro looked up at Asta, and his brows knit in sudden concern.  “You don’t mind cats, do you?”

She smiled.  “I like cats.  My mother is a cat.”

So I had a long read of Elsie’s blog, contacted her (because you should always ask if you want to use someone’s pictures, pictures are copyright to the photographer. Yes, even the ones on Google Images….) , and she very kindly gave me permission to use the picture – thank you Elsie 🙂  And looking at the photos on her blog has fired up my imagination in all kinds of ways too, not to mention making me want to drop everything and run off to Alaska….  Well, wouldn’t you?