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So now I can finally share the news that scuppered my Nanowrimo, and it’s the best kind of news.  Yes, the behemoth has finally found a home 🙂

New UK based publishers Kristell Ink, the fantasy and SF imprint of Holland House, have accepted Art of Forgetting and will be publishing it in two separate normal-sized volumes rather than one gawdalmighty fantasy doorstop.  Dead tree and e-book versions, for release around December 2013, though I don’t have precise dates as yet.  I’ve been sitting on this news for days, but now KI have gone public I guess I’m allowed to too!

I’m thrilled to bits about this, I’m really proud of AoF and I was beginning to despair of it ever finding a loving home.  Like a slobbering Great Dane at the dogs home that a lot of people looked at, then sighed and went, “but it’s so HUGE!”

Of course, there’s still a lot of work to be done editing it and making it fit for public consumption, so I’ll start editing just as soon as I stop doing the Happy Dance….

….ok, maybe I’ll happy dance for a BIT longer….
More news as and when I get it!

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