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A couple of nice links for you this morning, as it’s cold and frosty and the last leaves have dropped off the tree outside.  Here’s something warming – the “Future Releases” page for The Art of Forgetting on the Kristell Ink website.


Well, it warmed me, and at the same time made me feel quite bad for Sam’s cat….

Warming link number two – there’s some debate about whether authors should link to reviews.  I think they should – personally I like seeing reviews of other people’s work, and I think as long as you’re fair and include the bad ones as well and include a showing-off warning – why not?  Helps your readers make an informed choice.

So here’s a link to a Goodreads review written by YA author R B Harkess, who (disclosure) I have shared coffee with and who is a very nice chap. No arm-twisting or bribery was involved in this review, however, nor were any sock puppets deployed.


Now I will go and feed my warm and fuzzies with tea and mince pies.