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Colin Harvey was our Ghost of Honour at BristolCon this year, and Gareth L Powell kindly gave us some video footage of an interview he did with Colin that was meant for TTA Press but never used.  We showed the video at the start of the panel, but I know there are friends of Colin’s who couldn’t make it to BristolCon for whatever reason who have requested to see the footage.

I didn’t put it up before now because I wanted to get permission from Colin’s widow, Kate.  She has very generously said I can post it here so that anyone who missed it can watch it.

I confess I had it on my computer for a few days before I could bring myself to watch it, and I did have to sniff a few times and have a consoling chocolate or three 🙂

So here’s our lovely Colin talking about the thing he did best…

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P.S. I had to put it into Youtube to upload it here, but I haven’t made it public on there. Just so you know 🙂