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Merry Boxing Day!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and Santa / Baby Jesus / your mum brought you everything you hoped for.  Let me know what you got, I love rustling through piles of other people’s presents…

I’m currently sitting on Red Country and Best Served Cold (thus completing my Joe Abercrombie collection – thanks mum!, Blue Remembered Earth, Jack Glass, and a whole pile of Tim Burton films, so I will be entertained for the forseeable future.

Those nice people at Kristell Ink have been handing out the Christmas goodies too, free festive-themed stories on their website, including an old one of mine, only slightly Christmassy but a lot of fun.  So if you want some post Christmas Day entertainment, hop over to their blog where there are treats in store!


In the meantime, have a relaxing day with the left-over turkey and bestrewn wrapping paper 🙂