Go here to find out about and support the World SF Travel Fund as it tries to bring Rochite Loenen-Ruiz and Csilla Kleinheincz to World Fantasy in Brighton…

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As I type this we’re 44% funded on the World SF Travel Fund fundraiser, but we dearly need the help to get to 100%!

The Fund is set up to enable international genre professionals (writers, editors, translators, bloggers) to travel to a major convention – essentially the World Fantasy Convention, with which we’ve been aligned) and was started in 2011 to enable Charles Tan from the Philippines to attend WFC, where he was nominated for a World Fantasy Award.

In 2012, we helped sponsor Swedish writers Karin Tidbeck and Nene Ormes to travel to WFC in Toronto.

We’re now looking to raise $3000 to help us operate for another couple of years. This year’s recipients are Rochita Loenen-Ruiz (Philippines/Netherland) and Csilla Kleinheincz (Hungary) to WFC in Brighton, UK.

World SF Travel Fund

I should note that the cost for 2013 is fairly light. What we would dearly like is to make sure we…

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