Author interview with fellow KI author Deb E Howell.

The Nerdy Paige

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Welcome to my second installment of Nerdy Notes. I was lucky enough to grab Deb Howell author of the new Steampunk Fantasy “Healer’s Touch” to talk with me. I’ve just started reading this and it is a dandy. So without further ado, take it away, Deb.

Tell us a bit about your book. What kind of audience will this book appeal to?

Healer’s Touch is a fantasy tale centred around a girl who can heal herself. Unfortunately, her power comes with the consequence that in order to heal, life-energy must be transferred from something (or someone) else…

It’s a tale about her trying to deal with these consequences, while those who would use her power for their own benefit track her down.

This is the bit where I admit to being a terrible author. I’ve read all the advice that says “Know your audience”… I just never followed it. When…

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