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If all that gorgeous art yesterday whetted your appetite for The Art of Forgetting – Rider, you can now pre-order a copy at the Kristell Ink website.  Hmmm, buying books without leaving the house – think that might catch on? 😉

You can actually use the form to pre-order any KI book, not just mine, so if SF is more your thing you could pre-order Evelinn’s Guardians of Evion as well, while you’re there!


If for any reason the link doesn’t work you can email preorders@kristell-ink.com with your requests.


My review of Myke Cole’s military fantasy trolls vs tanks novel Fortress Frontier is up now at Wilder’s Book Review – http://wildersbookreview.blogspot.co.uk/ – Doug has plans to turn this into a very comprehensive review site, so give him some hits and see what he’s reviewing!


Apparently my village is haunted by a “ghost”, spotted on Google Earth….. *sceptical face*



And last but certainly not least (now thinking I should have taken Emma’s sensible option and hidden behind a book) -:


Come along and see us!