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You know how life is. Some days you’re the pigeon, and some days you’re the statue…

Today I am most definitely the pigeon.

Today I have :

  • Seen the draft map for The Art of Forgetting, which is beautiful and will be even better when I have made Andy rearrange the towns to my satisfaction (up a bit, down a bit, left a bit…)
  • Received a box of promotional postcards and bookmarks from Kristell Ink to hand out to you lovely people if you don’t run away fast enough.
  • Received a request for a partial of Spark and Carousel from an agent, which might not lead to anything but then again it might….
  • Tried to get my home town into Crap Towns 2013 (that was just fun!)
  • FINISHED MY EDIT! This is a biggie, only copyedits on Art of Forgetting to go and then KI can get ARCs printed, which takes about three weeks.

Good all round, and means I can take the evening off and chill on the sofa with my boy when he gets home – mug of hot chocolate and a slice of cake would round off the day just nicely.

How was your day? Tell me something good that happened – share the love!