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They have days for everything now, don’t they? When’s International Cake Day, that’s what I want to know?

On a serious note, today – March 1st – is Self Injury Awareness day.  As most of you who know me probably know, I used to have a serious problem with self harm, as part of my ongoing struggle with depression. It’s grimly ironic that SIA Day has fallen on a day when the dreaded black dog has been biting hard.  It was my safety valve, the thing that stopped depression from actually killing me.  This article in the Guardian sums it up very well, particularly the last line.


There seem to be two reactions to people when confronted with someone who self-harms, that it, and by extension they, are “grim” and “gross”, or that the sick person is an attention-seeking emo. Neither of these views are helpful.  The person who self-harms is writing their plea for help in letters of pain on their skin. Listen to them, and try not to judge.