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April looks like being somewhat less hectic than March was, but you can still catch me at the Oxfam Book Shop on Castle Street, Swansea, on April 27th, between 1.30 and 3.30, where Fran Jacobs and I will be signing and reading.

This is a free event, and if you’re on Facebook and would like to sign up all the information is here :


Hope to see you there!


Thank you to everyone who sent birthday wishes, you are all very lovely and if I could share my cake with you I would! I’ve now got a lovely pile of new books to read and possibly review – this goes underneath the pile of books I already had lined up for reviews, so hopefully there will be a few reviews on here or in the other places I review (Wilder’s Book Review, Fantasy Faction) in the next few weeks. Mind you, I also got Season Two of Game of Thrones, so I might not be reading or writing anything for a while! 😉


“The Art of Forgetting : Rider” (I keep forgetting the second bit! 😉 ) is released in 99 days (yikes!) Review copies will be coming soon, so yell at me if you want one! You can still pre-order the book from Kristell Ink on this link : http://www.kristell-ink.com/pre-order-today/ and receive 20% off the RRP and free postage in the UK and US. Because we’re good to you like that, so save yourself some pennies… 🙂


And on a personal note, The Boy and I have finally applied to adopt our dog, which is something we’ve always wanted to do. For twelve years we lived in rented flats where we weren’t able to have pets, and it’s something we’ve talked about since forever. So hopefully we will soon be hearing the galumphing of big hairy paws…. I’ll keep you posted!