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Yesterday afternoon my friend and local author Emma Newman and fellow Colinthology editor Roz Clarke both appeared on Ujima Radio’s Women’s Outlook show, ably hosted by Cheryl Morgan (Happy Birthday Cheryl!)  Emma talked about her writing career so far and about her current Split Worlds series (Angry Robot) while dropping hardly any spoilers, and about the history of Faerie in art and literature, and the British class system and how cross it makes her.

Roz talked about her recent experiences in Nigeria, where she had retreated to work on her novel, and about how hard it is for foreign visitors, especially women, to get a real insight into the culture of potentially dangerous countries.

Cheryl is a great host and really good at putting her guests at ease – I’m happy about that because I know she has me lined up as a potential future victim  guest and I’m always nervous on the radio!

If you’d like to listen to this very interesting discussion there’s a link here :


and Cheryl talks a bit more about it on her website here :


I hope you enjoy the show!


In other bits and bobs of news, Sammy at Kristell Ink has sent me a proof copy of “The Art of Forgetting : Rider”, which is somewhere between there and here. As our intercom is still not working I am currently devising an elaborate trap for the postman involving a drainpipe, a bowling ball, a man on a diving board, a descending cage, and lots of string.  The most annoying thing about having not-very-reliable post is that I can see the West of England Mail Centre from my house, but they won’t let me come in and steal post (something about a restraining order? I’m not sure…)

Anyway, it should be here soon, and a box of ARCs should follow shortly!