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My fellow Colinthology editor Roz Clarke and I, with the support once more of Wizard’s Tower Publications, have just put out an open call for submissions for a brand-new steampunk anthology, Airship Shape and Bristol Fashion.

If you’d like to submit, we are looking for original stories with strong steampunk elements and a connection to the Bristol area – SF, fantasy and slipstream are all fine, provided the story has recognizably steampunk elements.

The BristolCon Foundation is a charitable organisation responsible for the running of the BristolCon SF & Fantasy convention, which takes place in Bristol every October, and a series of Fringe Events intended to promote local genre writers and artists. Airship Shape & Bristol Fashion is the Foundation’s first short-story anthology supporting this mission, and we are very happy to have the support of Cheryl at Wizard’s Tower.

Contributors will be paid £25 plus royalties, and one physical copy of the book.

Word count: Up to 7,500
Submission: Send your story to submissions@bristolcon.org
Submissions deadline: Sunday 16th June. Early queries and submissions welcome.

For more details and inspirational suggestions please go to http://wizardstowerpress.com/books-2/airship-shape-bristol-fashion/

Good luck!