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So Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who after the Christmas special *sadface*

I will miss his big spoon face and his catchphrases, and his alien-ness.  When he replaced David Tennant I had my doubts, I though Tennant was a good Doctor, even if he got a bit intense and miserable towards the end, but he because a bit too human. Smith was more Gallifreyan right from the off, and it took about two minutes of screen time for me to warm to him.

Watch out, Mr Oogy-Boogey's very cross....

Watch out, Mr Oogy-Boogey’s very cross….

The latest series of Doctor Who has been (at the risk of incurring the wrath of Gallifrey Base) not the best – that one with the giant space pumpkin and people singing Coldplay songs was fuckin’ dire, and most of the rest of the series, with the notable exception of The Crimson Horror, has been a bit “meh!” Yes, even the Neil Gaiman one. There’s certainly been nothing up to the standard of Blink, or The Girl in the Fireplace, or even The Doctor’s Wife. But Matt Smith has been the one thing prevent it from descending from “a bit meh” into “complete bollocks”, so it’s a shame he’s going, while Moffatt stays on as showrunner….

Still, this is the way of Doctor Who. Now we will have to put up with months of “Who should be the next Doctor?” and fiendish speculation. Should it be a black guy? A woman? A black woman? A white dude who flaps his hands about a lot? A giant space pumpkin? And does it really matter, as long as the writing is good and the stories are gripping?