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Art of Forgetting DigitalThe time for “Art of Forgetting : Rider” to be unleashed on an unsuspecting world is rapidly approaching (19 days – need to go have a bit of a lie down, I think!) and to celebrate FORBIDDEN PLANET are hosting a launch event in their Bristol Megastore on THURSDAY JUNE 27th at 6PM – my bottom will be sitting and signing* in the same seat as Alastair Reynolds, Iain M Banks and Diana Wynne Jones, which makes me feel all peculiar and excited and a little bit sick at the same time. Like, those are legitimately famous people, and then there’s me, and someone’s going to clamp me on the shoulder at any minute and say “I’m sorry Miss, there’s been some terrible mistake, and now you have to wake up….”  It doesn’t feel quite real yet.

I’ve watched my friends do signings there, people like Gareth Powell and Emma Newman, and while I’m incredibly proud of my friends and glad that they’re doing so well, there was always a teensy bit of me that wondered if it would ever be my turn, and nasty nibbles of self-doubt that whispered “not likely!” Well, bollocks to you, self doubt – take that! *whacks self doubt on head with a banjo and skips on her merry way.*

So if this is real life, or you’re living in my dreams and you’d like to come along and say hello and help kick the self-doubt spectre to the curb with me, the details are on the FP site HERE :


and you can sign up for the event on Facebook HERE, if you do Facebook.


It would be absolutely lovely to see you there, there will be cake and you can all laugh at my terrible handwriting and glazed rabbit-in-the-headlights expression and then we’ll go to the pub and I might calm down a bit….

*I won’t actually be signing with my bottom. Just to make that clear.