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Release Day for “The Art of Forgetting : Rider” was officially yesterday, but I was stuck in Darkest Rural Wales with no internet, so I’m declaring today to be my Official Book Birthday. It commenced, of course, with cake.

Everything starts and ends with cake. And books.

Everything starts and ends with cake. And books.

The Forbidden Planet launch on Thursday night was also full of cake, courtesy of Heather and Amanda, who both surpassed themselves in the amount and tastiness of cake provided, and everyone agreed that launches with cake are better than launches without.

All the staff at FP looked after me brilliantly, especially Des, my handler for the evening, who also took photos. We sold around twenty books, and I signed another thirty, so if you get down to FP in Bristol they should have plenty left. I did suggest holding one back for rarity value, but Des made me sign them all.

Some pictures from the launch :

Big pile of books!

Big pile of books!

DSCN0116The map was a present from Andy – I’ll tell you all about it in a future blog!

Also over the weekend I did interviews which appeared on a couple of blogs; Susan Finlay’s Interviewing Authors, and an interview with Emma Pass, author of ACID. You can find the interview with Emma here :


and the one with prolific interviewer Susan is here :


But what you want to know about is where to buy it, don’t you? Apart from Forbidden Planet, you are able to walk into any Waterstones or other reputable or disreputable bookstore and order it if it’s not on the shelves already.






WIZARDS TOWER (Supporting the small seller, DRM free)


Don’t forget that if you read it and you’d like to leave a review (reviews are love), as well as Amazon Art of Forgetting has a Goodreads page :