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My little girl is two today.


When we picked her up from Greyhound Rescue West of England (http://www.grwe.com/) she came with a full set of medical records, so we’re lucky enough to know her date of birth.

We’ve had her nearly three months now, and in that time she’s stomped a set of muddy paws across our hearts (and our carpets). She’s growing more confident as the weeks go on, and we’re getting to know her quirks and her habits, her funny little ways.

At the moment she’s munching on her birthday present, which advertises itself as The Worlds Toughest Soft Dog Toy (TM) – she’s already made short work of the stitching on one end. I give it three days, tops. She’s also happily shredded an empty Weetos box and a Bisto canister. Give a two-year old a present, and she’ll play with the box – this appears to be a cross-species phenomenon.

Later we’re giving her her absolute favourite treat – peanut butter on toast, (no cake!), and taking her to play in my friend’s garden.

Happy birthday, hound-puppy!