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It’s very hot in the UK at the moment, about 30 degrees – apparently it’s the longest sustained period of hot weather since 2006, according to the news, and people are concerned about their pets. Lots of people are posting pictures of their dogs in paddling pools and under sprinklers. I don’t have a paddling pool, and my dog is frightened of sprinklers, but I did remember this video from a while back, and the sheer joy of it made me smile :

(Apparently his owners kept coming home and finding water all over their back yard, and they couldn’t work out why, so they set up a webcam to see what was going on…)

Stay cool in the sun, and keep an eye on your pets – don’t leave them in the car, try to avoid walking them during the hottest part of the day, and make sure they have plenty of water. If your dog is anything like mine, she’ll be happy lying in a shady patch or playing in a pond. If you have a light-coloured dog or cat, or one with very thin hair, you can buy pet sunblock from Amazon or from some pet stores – I know a cat who lost both his ears to skin cancer from lying in the sun.

These are the ones we use – Lyra is scared of the spray ones, but these can just be rubbed on and them smell quite nice!


Have fun in the sun!