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No, our dear Gareth hasn’t been banged up for crimes against monkeys (honest), but he is offering a smashing freebie in the form of a FREE ebook featuring some of his finest writerly output, including :

ACK-ACK-MACAQUE-COVER-SMALLExcerpts from Silversands, The Recollection and the semi-legendary Ack-Ack Macaque.

Short stories – “Entropic Angel” (from the Dark Spires anthology), “Distant Galaxies Colliding”, “The Last Reef” and “Sunsets and Hamburgers”, which is one of my favourites. “The Long Walk Aft” is my absolute favourite, but if you want that you’ll have to buy The Last Reef (which I appear to have lent to someone, how annoying).

If you want all this goodness for nought pence – and why wouldn’t you? If you’ve yet to discover him Gareth is a fine writer, and this is a good place to start – get yourself over to :


and download an epub or mobi copy. You won’t regret it, I promise.