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I’m sure there should be a tune in there somewhere.

I’ve decided to set myself a mini Nanowrimo in August. I’d like to get the first draft of The Summer Goddess finished before Bristolcon, and preferably before the run up to Bristolcon. This is partly because it’s not going very fast, and partly because I want some time off 😉 I reckon I’m somewhere in the last third, and that if I write 45k in August, if it’s not finished by then, at least it will be mighty close to being that way.

Crunching some numbers.

45,000 words in 31 days is 1452 words per day.

My starting word count is 105,145.

My final word count for the month, assuming I don’t finish the book but I do stay on target, is 150,145.

I reckon that’s do-able if I apply myself. And I would really like to get it finished 🙂 So my online presence might be a bit reduced this month, but I will be posting word counts and despairing over / celebrating my progress. My friend Fran has set herself a similar target, so we can egg each other on – and if you want to you’re welcome to join us!