And to add to the Nanoing fun (It’s going well, but I’m only three days in so it could all go tits-up….) K R Green has some thoughts about self-motivation and treating writing as a job, rather than a hobby.

K. R. Green

may13 009At work, I have deadlines, specific outcomes to achieve and timescales to follow.

When writing a novel, this isn’t often the case. So we writers need to set ourselves deadlines instead.

But if you’re anything like me, a self-set deadline doesn’t really work.

It’s not like I NEED to get it done by then.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t set them at all. It just means you need to be a bit crafty…


In my last post, I talked about how I immerse myself in the world, skin and experience of “being a writer”. Although I’ve been novelling since 2009, this is only a shift since March of this year.

Up to that point I “wrote novels in my spare time”.

Technically, I still “write novels in my spare time”, because I have a 9-5 job in a separate field, I have friends and family I visit…

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