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The lovely Cheryl Morgan at Wizards Tower deemed today a PR day for “Art of Forgetting : Rider”, which was jolly decent of her πŸ™‚ Kristell Ink has recently signed a deal with Wizards Tower and now all the KI books are available, DRM free, from the bookstore. If you want to support an independent online bookseller and small press publisher, rather than that all-conquering tax-dodging River In South America, Wizards Tower specialise in interesting, offbeat fantasy and SF, a lot of which isn’t widely available. I’ve always made it a point to review books stocked by WT, firstly because Cheryl’s a mate and I want to support her, and secondly because they’re usually ruddy good.

Check out the book store here : http://www.wizardstowerbooks.com/ – there’s some great stuff there!

Cheryl was also kind enough to write an extensive (and spoiler free, which I know is hard!) review of AoF on her blog, Cheryl’s Mewsings, where she confesses that she was worried about reading it and had to bully herself into it, but ended up glad she did πŸ™‚


She also posted the interview I did with her for the Women’s Outlook show on Ujima Radio in Bristol, where we talked about QUILTBAG characters, the Bechdel Test, BristolCon, and lightly-armoured mobile Scandinavian churches….


So thank you Cheryl for all your hard work and kind words!