My very talented cover artist Evelinn Enoksen is showcased on Paige Daniels blog today!

The Nerdy Paige

Well, I know I do. I’ve always admired people who can make images from their mind come to life. I, personally, can’t draw a stick figure without the help of AutoCAD. So today I’ve invited fellow Kristell Ink author Evelinn Enoksen here to showcase some of her artwork. In addition to being a talented author she’s also very talented artist. Her new book Guardians of Evion is out now in mutiple formats and has some pretty dandy pictures of dragons. If you’re into science fiction / fantasy mash-up with lots of dragons then I highly recommend this little gem. But hey, you came here for the art. Right so let’s get to it.

GoE Book 1 Destiny

This piece is the front cover of Evelinn’s Book Guardians of Evion: Destiny. She made this from a sketch she fixed up in Photoshop.

Trinnack City skyline

This is one of my personal favorites. It is Trinnack City, a location in her book. This was a…

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