Paige Daniels talks about the journey her cover art makes from, er, Ben 10 and Megatron (!) to the finished product….

The Nerdy Paige

It’s almost here: the release date for Non-Compliance: The Transition. We’re working hard on editing and putting some finishing touches on the book. Worry not my little smurfs, it will be ready for your little paws soon. In the meantime I thought I’d give you an insider look at how we came up with the cover concept.

In this book Shea takes more of a leadership role. Things start to heat up between her and Quinn, maybe in a good way maybe in a bad way you’ll have to read the book to see, and you’ll learn more about each of the members of the crew. You’ll also learn more about the chip and the spooky vaccine. I’m really proud of this book, because the action and intrigue are definitely bumped up a notch and I really wanted a cover to convey that.

Since the first book was very Shea…

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