I”m interviewed over on Paige Daniels blog today, talking about book soundtracks and alternate sexualities in fantasy – have a read here!

The Nerdy Paige

art of forgetting

Today we have Ms. Joanna Hall here to tell us about her new fantasy novel “Art of Forgetting”. I’ve read it and if you enjoy high adventure fantasty then this is for you. The main character is a bit different than other fantasy characters. But I’ll leave it to Ms. Hall to fill you in on that. Take it away Joanne.

Before we delve into the interview tell us a little bit about your book. Give us a bit about the plot.

Rhodri is a foundling who believes his unique, perfect memory has him destined for greater things than life in the one-horse village of Pencarith. When an elite cavalry regiment passes through the town, he joins them and travels to Northpoint, a city on the coast that happens to be the ancestral home of his long-lost father.  While he searches for his parents, Rhodri finds friendship, and more, among…

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