My friend Nick Walters reviews the new Manics album here… 🙂

Nick Walters

Rage, rage against the dying of the light. An album about middle-aged angst? Most bands would run a mile from the subject whilst they still could, but the fearless Manics tackle it head on with their usual ferocity and honesty on this album. As a 45 year old man, many of the lyrics resonate: ‘there is too much heartache in the nothing of the now’, ‘I am the builder of routines’, ‘the hating half of me has won the battle easily’, ‘young kids these days show no respect and their music is all noise’ (I made that last one up). The title track is a particularly moving sweeping cinematic eulogy for lost youth pleading for one more chance to turn things back and show the world your life. Running Out Of Fantasy appears to be about porn burn-out, but it’s opaque enough to garner other meanings. Musically, the Manics are…

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